Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'd Like To Live Here Someday

living room with a view of the kitchen and dining room

from the kitchen into the living room. i love the bookshelf wall and the enormous windows!

view of the upper level from the super cool stairs

some office space. though i don't think i would need two spinny office chairs. i think i'd be like Superman and work alone. it just seems simpler that way.

a small view of my future bedroom. except instead of the out of place, woven chair, there would be a dog bed. i plan on having at least one dog. the lone writer/rooftop vigilante needs some kind of company.

Sure, it's farfetched and this place probably costs far too much for me to even imagine. but i can dream right? i can dream of the ideal home and decor just like i can dream of how much money i'll make on my first film, who i'll be hanging out with at Starbucks on monday mornings in Los Angeles, and what i'll be spending on custom designed dresses for special occasions, such as the Oscars, where i will be nominated for best screenplay and best director and probably take home the award for one of those. And how i can daydream about how i'll marry the man of my dreams, we'll be madly in love and have three children...and i already know what i'm going to name them ;)

I'm a dreamer and i'm beginning to scheme to make my dreams come true. hopefully, my future holds success...and really cool apartments...

Day 1: What's On My Mind?

My first blog post, what can I possibly say? I could warn you that I don't like to use capital letters...that could be interesting, except not...

but it could be a solid explanation in advance as to why the majority of my posts will look like this with no capital letters at all...i just type faster without them, that's all. i still love them.

I have so many thoughts and ideas to put out there. Maybe I'll post stories that I write. I've been looking for a means to get them into the open and this seems like a solid opportunity to do just that.

Please know that whatever I put on this site is for those who want to read it. If you happen to see something you don't like, don't continue to read or frequent this blog at all. And please, please! don't send me nasty messages about it. It's a huge pain for both of us. Save yourself the trouble.

If anyone has any suggestions for what I should write in future posts, by all means, let me know! I'm always looking for a writing challenge!

Thanks for reading this very boring first post! And now, I'm off to try and finish a segment I'm writing for the lovely Samantha! Wish me luck!