Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick Morning Word Barf

Last night, I watched a ton of The Walking Dead and I got maybe two episodes into the second season before my eyes felt like they were about to fall out of my head. So I put my computer down and Megan turned off the light on her side and the room was completely black. The first thought as I was laying there was "shit, what's the closest heavy object I could use for self defense/zombie killing?" So, needless to say, I was a little paranoid for a while. Then Megan and I talked about some more dumb stuff. American Horror Story stuff....I made some Iron Man references that she didn't really get, then she told me a story about how this guy who was going around at this Halloween party as Tony Stark--Not as Iron Man. As human Tony Stark. But it was cool because under his suit/tux/whatever, he had the glowing electromagnet under his shirt!! SWEET RIGHT?! Anyway, she told me about that and how he was chasing this girl around the party and was yelling in the most pathetic drunken way, "COME HOME WITH MEEEEEE!!" So this chick went home with him. Lol I don't even remember the point of the story.

Oh! And then I remembered that I had to check my email really quick and I opened up my computer and this little notification bar pops up and says that some other computer has the same IP address as me. I almost died. So I asked Megan what to do because she's knowledgeable about this stuff and she told me to shut it down for the night and I did. Well, I wasn't paranoid about zombies anymore, I can say that. 
So this morning, I woke up at 8:30, a whole half hour before my alarm which is super weird and the first thing I did was brush my teeth because I think I slept with my mouth open and my mouth tasted like death. It was bad. Anyway, I restarted my computer and did all of the necessary updates to it that I could do without connecting to the internet. So I did that, I even ran a virus/hacking/spyware/nasty stuff scan through the whole damn thing and nothing popped up. So I was like, "okay. If I start up the internet and that popup appears again, I'm taking it to IT." You know, the IT guys who were completely useless with my webcam? Yeah, those dicks. So here I am, online, and nothing has happened yet. I asked Megan and another techie friend of mine and they both said that if it hasn't shown up, shutting down my computer was what did it. HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!!
So I had one of my Seattle's Best Vanilla Latte things and it was especially awesome because since they were all kind of pushed to the back of the fridge, there was some frozen latte chips in there and it was so fantastic! Loved it! Also, I have to turn in my stupid Bridge to Terabithia paper today...but my presentation isn't til next Tuesday...tell me what the logic for that is? Shouldn't you be able to turn in your project the day you have to give your presentation? Makes sense to me.
Bahaha! Yesterday, I was on facebook and some girl put "seems legit" in her status or a post or whatever the fuck and she spelled it "seams." I almost wanted to bitch her out for it...but then I noticed that she had 56 comments, all of which were bitching her out. It was satisfying. 
Pandora Radio's Disney station is my new favorite thing. It's switching back and forth between The Lion King and Lilo & Stitch. LOVE. Also, has anyone noticed that when Timon, Pumba, and grown up Simba sing Hakuna Matata, Simba kind of sounds like a lady? If you haven't, I have. And it's bothered me since I watched it when I was little. Of course, I don't think about how much it bugs me all the time, like how I think about dumb people all the time or how annoying it is when my roommate (not Megan) leaves an fucking lake on the bathroom floor when she's done washing her face. Or how the same roommate leaves the kitchen a mess all the time. Or how obnoxious it is when I'm at work and some shitty customer hands me a bill and it's all crumpled up or when they hold it just out of my reach and I have to look like a nar-nar going to grab it. Or when I'm at work and people can't control their shitty kids. Shitty, shitty, kids. 
Aah! Now Pandora's playing songs from The Jungle Book and Enchanted!! YES!!!   

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