Monday, February 28, 2011


Ladies, let me ask you a question. How do you feel when your hair, makeup, and clothes are perfect all day long?
Oh yeah! I'm having one of those days! I had no issues with my hair, makeup, clothes, anything all day long! It just lifts one's mood and makes you want to listen to loud music all night long! So right now, I'm listening to Glee music. Surprise. And I'm hoping and praying to every god, goddess an deity to give me another few days of great hair and face. Oh Freya, goddess of beauty, I plead you, grant me with beauty and perfection. I'll repay you somehow, I promise.
On a completely different note, I have a new favorite show. Bones. It's my passion. Since Tatum has let me start sniping her Netflix, I've been obsessively watching it. It's nuts!! I love everything about it! Especially agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz...who I want to make out with. I love him. I love his face. I love his voice. I love his body. I love him. There we go. It's decided. But back to the actual show, Bones, it's probably my favorite crime/mystery/murder drama of all time. I mean, I love Law & Order: SVU and I kind of like CSI and Castle's in a whole different category, but Bones is up at the top of the list. It's gruesome, but tasteful. It's suspenseful, but doesn't get too out of hand. It's not simple, but it's complex enough to make you think that the actors are actually doing the scientific research at the fictional "Jeffersonian" institute, a knock-off of the Smithsonian. To be honest, I actually thought that the Jeffersonian was a serious place. It's that impressive. I love Emily Deschenel's character, Temperence "Bones" Brennan, a world renowned forensic anthropologist who travels the world identifying unidentifiable bodies that have been decomposed to the skeleton. Even though I could never interact with Brennan without punching her in the face, I love her. Zach and Hodgins, two other "lab rats" or "squints" as Booth likes to call them, are close seconds on my list of Jeffersonian favorites. Oh lordy, I love that show.
Also! Bones uses the same locations and actors as so many other shows!! There's a hotel scene where they show the same roof-top pool as an episode of Entourage. The actor Frederic Lehne plays the part of a treasure hunter in Bones, but also portrayed Azazel a.k.a. the Yellow Eyed Demon in Supernatural. Also, there's a scene where Booth and Brennan approach a crime scene and it's the same location used in the first season of Supernatural, an episode called "Route 666" where there's this ghost powered truck that's hunting down black people in a small town in Mississippi...I think. And yeah. I totally remembered all that off the top of my head. That's how big of a geek I am.
So I just spent a solid amount of time in dear Ally and Kinsie's room, chillin', eatin' pizza and meeting Ally's boy Dan. He's nice. He watches SNL. There's no reason for me not to like him. He can stay. I've decided.
Goodnight my lovelies. Tuesday shall be a wondrous day of discovery and love. I promise you.


If days of the week were notes, what would they be?
Courtney and her music major friends were wondering that this morning. And now I'm a tad curious about what kind of musical sounds days of the week would be. I think Monday would be a note that sounds weak but hopeful at the same time. Tuesday would be something a little more fierce and excited. Wednesdays would be bleak. Thursdays would sound happier, a crescendo growing louder and more excited to the full sound of Friday which would be a full orchestra playing the most happy and beautiful song of all time. Saturdays would be kind of mellow but still upbeat and happy. Sundays would sound like something's winding down...because Sunday's just a countdown to Monday and then we start all over again with awkward Monday.
Tonight is a new episode of Castle and I am beyond stoked. As you probably all know by now, I love Castle and I love Nathan Fillion. So tomorrow night, will be when I actually get to watch it...that and Chuck and Supernatural and the Oscars and potentially Glee. But Castle first and foremost! I have my priorities, right?
I forgot to complain about this last week! So I was on the phone with my mother last Thursday, just talking about a laundry overflow situation so nothing too important to anyone besides me and my mother. And I was standing against a wall in one of the hallways in school by the coffee shop. A dude comes out of the coffee shop and stands a little closer to me than I'm comfortable with and he was far too obvious when he tried to listen in on my call. Firstly, that makes no sense to me. Random guy, I still don't know who the hell you are, why do you feel the need to listen in on a stranger's telephone call? What kind of satisfaction would you have gotten from learning that I would be going home that evening to take care of my full laundry basket? Weirdo. Secondly, don't listen in on anyone's calls! That's rude and kind of stupid. And especially don't listen in on my calls. I'll get you. And you won't like it.
I have to work tonight too which isn't exactly something I'm stoked about. But when am I ever excited about standing behind a cash register for hours?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Live from Minneapolis Minnesota

Hello!! It is a beautiful overcast day here in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota and I am sitting in Sarah Muskovitz's dorm room with Kayleen. We had a great trip down here yesterday afternoon/evening and then we had a jolly good time meeting various people and walking around various places on the University of Minnesota campus. I have to say, I already love it here.

(Quite A Few Hours Later)

So Kayleen and I just got back from a 3 hour adventure around the U of M campus! It was cold. And I was a dumbass and forgot to bring a hat. Yay! We walked all around the place and took a bunch of fun pictures and it was snowing! We even walked through the "old" part of the campus and then we walked through Frat Row...we were hoping to see certain people we knew but that didn't happen. Then we were way too damn cold and we decided to go back to the nice warm dorm room. 
And we're here. And I'm kind of craving hummus. Don't ask me why.

Friday, February 25, 2011

This Weekend

I have been counting down to this weekend for...weeks. I'm so excited!
In a few short hours, I will be on a bus to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota for those of you who don't know) with Kayleen to see Sarah and potentially others we run into. I'm so excited!!!

I would honestly count this as a vacation. Even though the Cities are only a couple of hours away, I haven't been out of Duluth in so long, it still counts! I'm not even going to take the time to complain about the Drama lecture I just got out of because by now, I'm sure you all know how I feel about it. Nor will I begin to whine about Bio lab today or the bitches at my table or effing Paul. But I will say that now I'm only endlessly frustrated with one girl at the table. The other two have grown on me. I like Emily and Amanda. They can stay. The other one...just no. In case you're wondering, I'm not naming her because my mom told me not to name people I berate. Common courtesy I guess? Maybe?

Oh I am so ready for this roadtrip. I have tons of new music and I can hardly wait to force Kayleen to listen to my ramblings....don't take that seriously! I'm a good friend, I swear! The point is, I have new Black Keys to listen to and Bones to watch, so I'll be set!