Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I just tried to start drawing again...oh my god, I am such a struggle. In my defense, I haven't done anything artistic since....maybe March. But I have to get back in the swing of it, if I am to start an art class in exactly one week. I think the last thing I drew was a ninja turtle....And I don't suppose margin doodles count.

So I'm drawing a picture of Cassidy. And it's really hard because I'm trying to make it look like her, but I have this problem where all the people I draw look exactly the same as far as faces go. I can change the hair and the gender and all that, but they all look fairly similar and it's really, really frustrating to me. So I opted for drawing My Little Ponies. I drew a Cassidy pony and a SamJam pony and now I'm going to draw more. But only after I take a shower and pack up for my move.
This morning, I went to get the stitches in my nose taken care of. I had another really attractive med student in the room with me and...wow, he was something. He made me mentally kick myself for not taking a shower or looking cute. I was sitting in the exam chair like, "Damn it, Rachel, you lazy shit!" But the doc left for a couple of minutes and Med Student a.k.a. Jason and I started chatting about school and things. Turns out, he had initially wanted to be an English teacher, but switched to med school after his friend loaned him one of his medical books for research on a story he was writing about a brain surgeon. I told him that was really cool and asked if he finished the story. He said he was still working on it and it's almost done. I congratulated him and told him that if he hadn't already, he should read "Beat the Reaper" and he was like, "What's it about?" So I told him the gist of it and he looked super stoked and I was like, "Marry me!!!" Except not. *Sigh* But he was so damn perfect!

This is the most accurate I could get, and yes, that's Jensen Ackles and Ian Somerhalder morphed together. I love the internet.... BUT LOOK AT THAT!!! It's godlike, I'd say. I want that. And he was muscly!! Bicep porn. No joke. I've never been more attracted to a guy in scrubs....well....

Yeah...Now, I must dash! Lots of Tshirts to throw haphazardly into boxes, lots of stuff to sort through, lots of time to waste before I have to go to work! Augh. I hate work.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


In four days, I will be out of my familia's house and in the process of moving into my apartment. Take a guess at how far I am with sorting through my shit and packing. If you guessed that I haven't done a damn thing, you would be right! And you win bragging rights. Bragging rights are the worst prize ever because when you start bragging, everyone thinks you're a jerk-off. Just saying.
My puppy was just attacking me with kisses and I was loving it....until I realized that he just got done licking himself. I'm gonna go wash my face....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cardiff, Wales

I have just finished watching the entirety of the episodes of "Torchwood" available to me via Netflix. Can I say that the third series made me cry like nothing else? It's just unsettling. A mysterious alien race dubbed "the 456", using the world's children as communication methods, forcing them to convey messages in unison. Terror. Every time the children of Earth stopped in their steps and began speaking at once, I looked over at my youngest sister like, "Oh crap." Ianto Jones. Oh Ianto Jones and your mysterious past and your new feelings and your suits. I just like the way you're put together and you can brew my coffee anytime. And then there's just drama with Jack. Jack and his family, Jack getting destroyed, Jack and Ianto, Jack and Gwen, Jack and everyone else....Jack Harkness, you impossible thing, I can't even deal with you right now.
Ew. I just squished a mosquito and it was all over the place. That's another thing. There are bazillions of mosquitoes all over the place recently. It makes no sense because their numbers haven't been this large all summer and now, at the end of August, they're bumping up again. I don't understand. Not that I'd like to. Bugs are gross. I don't care.
Anyway, I don't think I'll be able to have a solid night's worth of sleep until I see Miracle Day. I am stressing out over Gwen and Rhys now. I'm just mad at Jack and his feelings and I can't handle him right now. Stupid.

I am seriously considering traveling to Wales, tracking down Torchwood and demanding that I be hired. I don't care what I do there. I'll be the equivalent of a P.A. if that's what's needed. I just want to be able to flawlessly insert myself into alien situations and when the local authorities say, "Who the bloody hell are you?" I can calmly respond with, "Rachel Cheslak, Torchwood." And everyone would step aside because even though I was a P.A., I'd be the most BAMF P.A. of all time because who would I bring coffee to every day?

Less than a week from now, I will be moving into my apartment. Can I say I'm excited to get out without offending my family? Absolutely. I think they're pretty sick of me, honestly. I'm just ready to get out. Also, I'm looking at transfer requirements for the University of Madison, WI. Not only is it exciting, but I'm already stressing out about it. What I hate more than anything is feeling like I'm not good enough and right now, I'm not feeling like I'm good enough to make it. But I don't know why I feel that way. After looking at the requirements, I know that I'm good enough grades wise. I mean, my ACT scores could have been better, but they weren't terrible...and I know for a fact that people who did worse in High School than I did got into Madison, which prides itself on its amazing academia. Well...we'll see, won't we?
I'm really not looking forward to the next five days. I work a total of twenty nine hours from tomorrow to Tuesday and while that's excellent, money in the bank and all that, I am going to be so stressed out with packing up some stuff. I'll have one day off between Tuesday and the day I move in (Thursday) and I can't decide whether I want to sleep or pack up and get ready to vacate the premises. Well... I know for a fact that my mom will force me out of bed at 8 AM and make me do all sorts of sorting and packing. Oh well. Who needs sleep?
Oh, by the way, less than a month til Supernatural comes back. Can I say I'm excited?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rosedale, Mississippi, 1930

I am so frustrated right now. I went to my orthodontist today for a routine kind of thing and I'm expecting to get some news of the day that I'll be released from these horrid braces. But does he say anything? Nope. And do you think he'd stick around long enough for me to ask him when I'd be out of them? Oh no! That would be asking too much!
When I agreed to go back to braces, we initially planned to have these off in mid-september. That's fine by me. But at this rate, with the changes he wants to make, I won't get them off in a long time. With five weeks between every check-in, it's gonna be a long time before I get these off and I am getting really pissed. He seems to think that fixing every little thing in my mouth is a priority to me. It really isn't. I just want the teeth that people see regularly when I talk or smile or whatever else to look good. I don't care about the canine tooth that's turned around completely because nobody sees it! Ever. And no one's noticed that the point isn't where it's supposed to be unless I mention it and point it out. So he wants to turn it around completely, taking up my time and ruining my life. All I want is an implant to fix the space that's the true root of all evil when it comes to my mouth. 

It's just such a pain in the ass to have to go through all of this orthodontia nonsense over and over again. Like it wasn't frustrating enough the first time. Almost four years in braces and I'm back again after two years of freedom, and again I'm getting postponements on the end date. I'm just sick and tired of it.
Dean Winchester, you self destructive wreck, why do I love you so?

Oh, that's why.....
Sorry. The only way I can think to console myself is to watch Supernatural and look at pictures of Jensen Ackles. Is that weird?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon

Eearlier today, I went through a minor surgical procedure at the hospital. Ear-Nose-Throat doctor, Mr. One Of My High School Friends’ Dad, did it and it basically was the least stressful thing I’ve done in a while. Seriously, having a needle, a scalpel, and surgical sutures up my nose was less stressful than the WIC transaction I had to go through yesterday at work. I’m just glad it’s over and I got Starbucks for being so brave :) Thanks Dad.

Oh by the way, it was a pyogenic granuloma. I even Wikipedia’d it for you.

And then I went to Sam's house because I haven't seen her since...May? And because I love her muchly. So we talked about stuff and ate a bunch of Starbursts and then we ate yummly dinner and then we went to my house where we walked Rigby for almost two hours and walked through the war zone that is the construction area around my house. That was only because I'm not the best at planning things.
We talked about movies and stories we're writing and boys and gossip and other things of import. And then we started watching the only movie that has ever completely satisfied me, "The Losers." It also happens to be the "Rachel and Sam Movie" as our main men are both in it...
"Get me an eighteen man fire team in twelve hours..." That's gotta be one of my top favorite lines from this movie. Love it.
Ugh, my nose keeps randomly bleeding from the little stitched up part. I don't like it. It's really uncomfortable and I'm worried that in my sleep, I'm going to scratch at it and ruin the stitch and make my face bleed all over the place. Not exactly excited. Nor am I excited to work tomorrow as I now have blisters on my feet from walking for hours in shitty flip-flops. I hate everything. I'll have to stand for five hours straight on my flat feet...with blisters. But after that, it's Captain America time with the lovely Sam. 
Can I get enough of her? Nope.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dumbness and Immaturity

So today on break, I was reading Dear Abby and I actually got mad at one of the entries. Below is the (almost) exact entry.

"Dear Abby, 
A friend recently purchased a mothers ring from a pawn shop. When "Caron" told me about it, I told her she had no right to wear one because she is not a mother. I discussed it with some other friends and they agreed with me, but Caron says I "overreacted" and everyone is on her side.
Caron says it's "just a ring" and she has every right to wear it if she wants to. The women who agree with me say a mothers ring is set with various birthstones to commemorate the birth of a child born in a certain month and that's why Caron has no right to wear it.
Caron says I'm crazy and need a therapist. She's ending our ten-year friendship because I will not agree with her. Am I right or am I wrong?
-Ring of Truth in Arkansas"

So, to recap, this bitch thinks that her friend doesn't have the "right" to wear a ring because she is not a mother. Firstly, who the hell came up with the name "Caron"? I'm assuming that it's like "Karen" but not. I'd also like to draw your attention to the second paragraph where she ends her sentence with "and that's why Caron has no right to wear it." Am I the only one who envisioned a bratty little girl trying to explain to her parents why she should have the pretty Barbie doll, rather than her friend? Because that's what I'm getting out of it. Also!! She's not ending the friendship because you won't agree with her! She's ending it because you're a horrid bitch with nothing better to do than pick at her friends' choices.
Then Abby tears this bitch a new one...

"Dear Ring of Truth, 
A ring with multicolored stones is not a military medal. There are no laws or official rules governing who may or may not wear one. Shame on you for trying to take the pleasure out of her purchase and that you would drag others into your disagreement with Caron is disappointing and puzzling."

Yes. SHAME ON YOU, YOU BITCH FROM ARKANSAS!!! Seriously. I'm assuming that these women are adults and this one is going on about how her friend can't wear a ring because her life doesn't apply to the implications of the ring in question. What kind of shit is that!? A ring is a ring is a ring and if it's in a pawn shop, it should matter less. I have worn rings on my left ring finger, the finger that wedding and engagement rings are usually worn on, and nobody's given me flack for it. I think that if this bitch is making a mountain out of an anthill, she doesn't deserve friends at all. She's still a child, obviously.
I love Dear Abby.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dakota, of the Northern Persuasion

I suppose it's about time I talk about my first big roadtrip without the accompaniment of a parental unit.
Yes, traveling to North Dakota was my first roadtrip with just friends and I don't think it could have gone any better. The driving was the really hard part, though I think I only drove for maybe two hours. Kayleen did the majority of it, bless her and her patience. I don't think I could have done it as much as I love driving. Driving 75 MPH on an unfamiliar highway is very scary and I didn't like all of the bobbing and weaving between semis. Terror. Sheer, bloody, terror. We passed semis full of dirt and rocks and sand, semis with trailers carrying horses and other livestock, and semis with trailers that had enormous pieces of equipment strapped to their beds by straps and cables that weren't all that reassuring. But the high point of the drive, I think, was when we passed a semi that was pulling a house or a garage behind it. It was amusing to say the least. And that's not even the best part! We managed to pass the towed house (which was bouncing with the speed of the semi....it wasn't exactly comforting) and took a peek at the driver and he was totally jamming out!! He was having a rock concert in the front part of the truck and it was hilarious! He was singing and dancing and we were in the Black Giant (Kayleen's normal sized car) laughing uneasily. So weird. So awesome.
And then we just drove through miles and miles of corn and wheat. It was...neutral colored.
When we reached our destination of Medora, North Dakota, we went straight to our campsite located about twelve minutes into Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The drive into the park was gorgeous. The cliffs and mountains were just about as amazing as rocks could get, let me tell you. We had to drive through passes and up the sides of mountains and then we saw prairie dogs and they're really the cutest things. They're like...ground hamsters....wild gerbils. We got to our campsite and set everything up in record time I'd say, then we went to Peaceful Valley Ranch to meet up with the true cause of our driving ten-and-a-half hours through nothing but corn: Meredith. When we got there, she was shooting a pellet gun at an array of pop cans. And it was bad ass. We watched her win the weekly competition for the Lone Spur Award and we met the rest of the ranch. Laura, Caitlin, Spencer and Clayton. And then we looked at all the horsies and they were so cute!! Meredith pointed out and named practically all of them to us, which blew my mind because most of the horses were brown with black or dark brown hair and I could have never been able to tell them apart. I'd be like, "The brown one over there is...Brownie...and the brown one over there is...also Brownie..." Struggle.
Peaceful Valley Ranch
The next morning/day was kind of tourist central. We went into Medora and scoped out the General store, which was mostly a gift shop but whatever. I got a sweatshirt with a buffalo on it so I was happy. Then we got the best smoothies in the world!! They were amazing and I was happy. We drove maybe an hour or two to the North Unit of the park. Somewhere in the first half hour of the quest, the weather decided to hate on us and rain down in a storm of Biblical proportions. It was horrific! Every time we passed a semi truck (they're a recurring theme in this post), we were hit by tidal waves and the windshield was blinded. Scary! But Meredith, who was driving, was shockingly level headed about it and got us to our destination....and it stopped raining immediately. WTF weather? 
As soon as we got into the park, we were pulled over by a ranger. So we were a little nervous like, "what did we do?" "do we have to pay?" "do we even have cash on us?" (we totally did). But the ranger morphed up to the car and was like, "You were going above the speed limit. The limit in the park is 15 MPH." And he had this ridiculous western drawl/twangy accent that practically drove me to hysterical laughter. So Meredith was like, "Oh alright. Thanks!" And he went back to his SUV and drove off and we were sitting in the Giant like "What the hell?!" 'cause we were parked not even twenty feet from the speed limit sign. It wasn't like we couldn't read it. We all saw it. But Mr. Officer Ranger had to pull us over and be weird. We came to the conclusion that he only did it because he was bored. So then we drove through the entire park and it was gorgeous. It rained a little more and we saw a lot of buffalo... Maureen and I got out of the car and took pictures of them because some of them were standing in the road so why not? Then we stopped at this lovely gazebo and took more pictures and it started to rain and it was really pretty. And then Meredith spotted this fire going over one of the ridges and she got really excited like, "It's like the beacons for the siege of Gondor!!" And then Maureen got super excited and then I really wanted to watch Lord of The Rings.
I'm kind of pissed that I couldn't put the actual video of the clip up there. I hate the internet sometimes. Anyway, before we headed back to South Unit, we stopped in this really strange little town whose name I forgot and we went to this gas station to fill the Black Giant. Not only was there a really attractive guy filling up his truck, there was a man wearing a large cowboy hat, wearing a yellow reflective vest with the name "Rachel" on it. I assume it's some contracting or repair company. And then we looked back to "Dirty Car Boy" and as we were creeping he definitely reached down as if no one could see him and scratched at his junk. We burst into laughter and drove away. Past the most interesting gas station/billboard combo ever. The billboard that said "Hot Rapid Flow" was conveniently positioned over the "Kum and Go" service station. I had a good laugh at that too. So after the long drive back to the South Unit, we went to the ranch again and watched Airplane and the old-school Tron. Actually, I fell asleep on Kayleen about a quarter of the way through Tron so I didn't really watch it.
My eye itches.

The next, and last, day of our trip was my favorite, I think. In the morning, we went into town again and got smoothies :) Then we bummed around a little before going up to the ranch to ride horses!! I had never been on a horse in my life, I think I've mentioned that before, but it was surprisingly not scary. I got to ride a horse named Calvin and he was the one that Meredith said had the outlines of Africa and Mexico on his sides. True story. He was very geographically accurate. I appreciated that. So we rode horses for maybe an hour or hour-and-a-half and we couldn't have had a more beautiful day. We got a little sunburned but it was totally worth it. Coming down from the mountains we had ridden up was the hardest part. I was just afraid of my horse capsizing, but that didn't happen because he was a good boy :)
That night, we went and saw a very flamboyant musical. I was more entertained than I thought I would be. I really enjoyed it. And then we went back to our camp where I was stung by a bee. On my ass. I hadn't been stung by a bee in YEARS!! It was shocking! I'd forgotten how much bee stings hurt! I was so pissed. And then Maureen saved me and got rid of the bee. And in the morning, there was a massive spider in my stuff and after screaming and panicking for a good five minutes, I killed it with a flashlight. I hate spiders. I liked the bee more than I liked that spider. It was gross.

My encounters with insects only told me that it was really time to go. 
So we got coffee in Dickinson and Kayleen drove an entire twelve hours while I slept in the back. I was a loser. And as soon as I got home, I realized that we hadn't listened to the Doctor Who audio book that we had been so excited about. *sigh* I'm sorry Kayleen. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Zombie Apocalypse Playlist Meme

Because one should never pass up an opportunity to put zombies and music together. Seriously.

Put your media player of choice on shuffle, and we are ready to go. Play along, peasants!

The first song is the overall theme for the apocalypse.
La Paga--Juanes

The second song is what plays when you kill your first zombie.
Sun Is Shining--Bob Marley

The third song plays when you're getting chased by a horde. (of zombies, right? Just checking).
Respect--Aretha Franklin

The fourth song plays when you have to kill your loved one.
Forever Broke--The Seatbelts

The fifth song plays when you find a group of survivors.
Witchcraft--Frank Sinatra 

The sixth song plays when you meet a new love interest.
Swallow It--Brandon Flowers

The seventh plays when you have to make a final stand.
Battle Without Honor Or Humanity--DVA
 Oh my god. How perfect is this?! Lucky me.
 The eighth song plays when you think you've survived it all.
The ninth song plays when you discover a bite mark on you.
Sweetness--Jimmy Eat World

The tenth song plays over the end credits.
Light of The Morning--Band of Skulls
Also, another perfect song for this part of the movie. Love.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Who Cooks For YOU?!"

"No" seems to be my word of the week. I'm shooting everyone down and it feels great. I love it. It's nice to be a bitch sometimes. Feeling like you're in charge is amazing and I love it. Sure, I've been called a lot of things for it and I've been given not the nicest of looks, but do you think I care? No. The HBIC doesn't care one bit!!

That's right. But really, just because someone says "no" doesn't mean they're a bad person. And just because someone's being honest with you, doesn't mean that they're being mean. "Friends don't talk to each other like that!!" Well that's great but we're not friends, so I can talk to you how I want.
No is my favorite word. Also sarcoidosis and gelato.

Today, I had to work at 9 and it was so stupid. There was seriously no one in the store until 11. And then we were busy for half an hour and that was it. But did I get to leave early because my presence was so unnecessary? Nope. I stayed for the entire, boring as all hell shift and then I got a fruity Caribou drink and all was well. Until I got home and the dog pissed all over the place out of excitement. I wanted to  drop kick him. But I didn't. I took him for a walk instead because I am a nice dog co-owner. But today I learned that barred owls sound like they're saying "who cooks for you?!" when they hoot. Haley tells me the best stuff. Also, she drew me a picture of a jelly fish. I love Haley.
Have I ever told you how much I hate the Lindsey Lohan "Parent Trap" redo? I used to really like it. But now that I'm watching it again with Alaina, I want to kill it. Lindsey Lohan makes me sick, movies with clever children who are best friends and run everything and make the adults look like fools piss me off, and Dennis Quaid makes me want to drown myself. This movie sucks.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I feel like Fox News needs to rethink some of the words on their cue cards. Some anchor lady mentioned the word "tentacles" in her argument and it really made me uncomfortable. By the way, it was Megan Kelly. She's weird. But I love Jon Stewart and he's the one pointing out her flaws so I'm ok with it. 
Look how tiny that picture is! It's so cute...
Today, the grocery store was full of bros. I'm not exaggerating. Not even a little. There were so many wife beaters and cargo shorts and swim trunks being used for pants and mandals and weird stuff and douchey white sunglasses and those big white plastic watches. So weird. And they were nice and everything, but they did the douchiest things! Like pulling out a hundo to pay for $15 worth of stuff, when I can clearly see the $20 in his Volcom wallet. Douche. Or tossing the $20 onto the counter rather than handing it to me when my hand is reached out to take the bill. Douche move. OR!! Having a massive cart full of groceries that resulted in $157.98 in boxes of waffles and Gatorade (and other things, obviously) that filled over ten bags and saying to me, "It's good, I'll carry it out." And there's me, standing at the reg like "Ok, bro." with a smug smile on my face. Well, lo and behold, this dude carried all his shit out the door. I don't know what happened after that. He probably dropped his eggs and Powerade in the parking lot like a bitch.

So I'm watching Jon Stewart and he's interviewing the author of this book about Davie Crocket. Fun fact--The author was the voice actor for the Sheriff in Cars!! It's so cool hearing him talk! Pixar just collided with reality! Life is so cool.

Picture Frames

Guess who's drinkin' coffee in her brand new mug again? And it's delicious. But the mug's not making the coffee delicious. It's my fantastic vanilla bean creamer. Yum.
What? Ok. So, Watchmen is going to be on TNT. I don't get it, nor do I really approve. Watchmen's a super duper brutal movie. I don't know how I feel about that. Granted, TNT has a bunch of R rated movies on all the time, but Watchmen's different. Oh well. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I have no control over the networks so all I can do is bitch and moan whole life goes on.
Oh my god. Kris Jenner, shut your ungodly, lopsided mouth and get out of my life! Kris Jenner is a nightmare of a mother and a manager. Mostly just when her roles start mushing together and the line between mother and boss gets blurred. She's just so shrill.
see what i mean about her ungodly lopsided mouth?
The thing I really enjoy about Keeping Up With The Kardashians is that Bruce is turning into the voice of reason. Even the younger, half-Kardashians like Bruce more than they like Kris. It's not hard to see why. Kris is so....bossy and horrendous and annoying and controlling and she pretends to be all manipulative and savvy with it but she's not and that's what makes it so obnoxious. I think that if I met her and she started being like that with me, I'd flip a table.

Rigby's so squiggly today. He's sleeping on the couch next to me and he's rolling around and kicking and it's kind of hilarious. He must be dreaming.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm drinkin' coffee in mah brand new mug! And I totally just sang that when I typed it. It was cool. I'm convinced that I make the best coffee ever. I don't care who you are--If you don't like coffee already, you will when I make you a cup. I'm the queen.
I keep having dreams about Summer (our hamster) escaping and running around and I have to find her, catch her and put her back in her aquarium. Last night, I had this one where she was running up the side of our kitchen cabinets and clawing up the walls... It gets weirder! She was like this flying squirrel hamster cos she was gliding across the room, trying to avoid me! And I was like, "Oh no, you hamster!!" and I caught her and she was all squirmy and crazy so I dropped her in her aquarium and she squeaked at me in little hamster speak!! It was so weird! And then my DJ Pauly D alarm went off and I woke up. I immediately got out of bed and checked out the hamster. She was in her bed of fluffy hamster stuff. All was well.
Aaaw....I wanna....WHO WANTS TO GO TO SAN FRANCISCO WITH ME?!?! Not kidding. This weekend is the Outside Lands music fest and it's a three-day extravaganza of bands and artists I love!! On Friday, there's The Shins, MGMT, Ellie Goulding, Best Coast and Foster the People. Saturday has Muse, The Black Keys, Girl Talk, The Roots, OK Go, Sia and The Stone Foxes. Sunday has Arcade Fire, DeadMau5, The Decemberists, Major Lazer, and Little Dragon. I think Saturday's my favorite.

And I really wanna go!! I'm actually super sad that I'm not going. So to anyone who has a jet or some tickets to SanFran laying around, or whoever has a Batmobile on hand, be my friend and help me get to California!!
Last night was surprisingly fun and awesome. I went to Gwen's house for the first time in a very long time and we had a fire with friends and others who I haven't seen in a very long time. I met some new people, I sat on a camp chair couch...
Hang on. There's a guy who works for Men's Health magazine named Ken Clark. I feel like that's too close to Clark Kent.
Anyway, the party was good and everything and I forgot how much I like the majority of the people who were there. I say majority because I didn't know some of the people, and it was dark so I didn't really see them at all, and others...yeah. On a higher note, Gwen's BF loves Batman more than I do, I think and that's cool. Good job, Gwen. 
Another random topic: I really don't enjoy NCIS's character lineup. Apparently, I'm the only one who feels this way. I don't like Gibbs, I think Ziva's obnoxiously androgynous, DiNozzo's annoying as well as he's the stereotypical snarky, good ol' boy who pretends not to give a damn but has a heart of gold. Also, he's supposed to be the handsome one. I'm not seeing it. Ouch burn. Anyway, McGee's charming in a Neville Longbottom kind of way...I actually kind of like him. Abby is a child who is constantly being enabled by the rest of them--I think she bugs me the most actually. She's in her 30's and she's the most immature of the bunch. She's working in a high profile government agency and she's got a very high profile, very demanding job and she acts like a child and dresses like a rebellious high schooler, trying to scare her parents. I understand that this is the "charm" of the character but I really don't appreciate it. Oh well. I'm not running the show, and there are more people who like the show than not and I guess TV execs like it enough to keep it on USA for YEARS. So while I'm sick of it, the rest of the world doesn't seem to be, so I'm going to leave it alone for now.
she does have pretty eyes. i'll give her that.

Little shout out to Sarah here, but I'm watching Sex and The City and I've decided that I actually enjoy it. Carrie bugs the shit out of me, but Sarah Jessica Parker bugs the shit out of me so that's nothing new. I just got through the one where Samantha has cancer and goes through chemo for the first time and loses her hair and Charlotte gets a puppy. And now I'm sitting here, thinking that what I want is a relationship like Charlotte and Harry (I call him Lex Luthor), where he thinks I'm perfect and cute and a woman who deserves everything in the world. Or something like Samantha and Smith--They're such an unlikely couple, but I really hold out for their relationship because they truly care for each other. I mean, he shaved his head for her! He shaved his lovely locks of golden hair that made him famous to prove his love for his woman. That's devotion. Even if it was written by a staff of mushy women who dream of love all the effing time. 
I also had this dream last night where people with tattoos were vanishing. And it was me and a couple of other people and we were searching the house of one of they guys who disappeared. It was completely overturned and a mess like people rampaged through it. So we were all stepping around this mess and there were like...robot body parts everywhere....it was really weird. And we managed to figure out that people with a claw tattoo were being abducted and then these people jumped out of the mess and started attacking us with these lead pipes and suddenly I was impaled by a pole. It was great. And in my dream, I watched myself getting shanked and I was like "well that's the end of that". It was the most nonchalant death dream I've ever had. And then I stopped dreaming or I forgot what happened next. Whatevs.

I think that this is the longest, most legit post I've written in a very long time. Yay me! Rigby! Stop licking my foot!!