Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have been sneezing since I woke up and it's really not okay. I have to work at eleven today and that's really not okay either. OH WELL! MONEY!! I just have to keep reminding myself that a paycheck's a paycheck and I do really need the money.
So my braces are off!! Off, off, off! I have slippery, exposed teeth and it's awesome! Brand new whitening strips from the parentals are awesome and I will be getting super duper whitening toothpaste later! I'm just happy. I'm even pleased with my retainer. It's clear and you can't see it and it's cool. 
Last night, Kayleen and I went to Pizza Luce where we decided that we should be friends. We do this thing where we'll say something cool, start laughing, and then one or both of us will say something like, "Dude, we should be friends." And then we agree with ourselves and laugh some more. It's a vicious cycle...of friendship!! 
Aaaanyway. So then we went back to my apartment and watched some stupid youtube videos... I exposed her brain to various Boondock Saints panel videos where Sean Patrick Flanery verbally abuses (in a good way) Norman Reedus. Kayleen's never seen Saints so at one point, she asked if they were at least kind of know, being named "Flanery" and everything. And I was like, "NOPE!!" Dudes are from Texas and Florida. What the duck. But she and I will be watching The Boondock Saints with Miss Sam Bauer tomorrow night and I am super excited because slumber party!
AND THEN WE WATCHED ANASTASIA!!! I forgot how much I loved that movie! So Kayleen and I started watching and then she starts scoping out the DVD and she pipes up, "Oh, so John Cusack is in this." And I was like, "WHAT?!" And then I couldn't stop thinking about how one of the biggest crushes of my childhood is John Cusack. And I still can't believe that "Anastasia" was made over a decade ago. I feel so old! And it doesn't seem like it happened so long ago. Like how I almost fell over when I learned (recently) that "Monsters Inc." was made almost eleven years ago. Only really good movies can stick with you so you forget completely how old they are and how old you are. So good!!
Oh! So remember the weird bike lady I mentioned in "Wednesday, December 21st"? So she came through my line yesterday....with her bike bags and her weird giant hairclip in the front of her head and her obnoxious comments and questions. This time, she asked me if you can get a store account and stuff or whatever...those weren't her exact words but you know what I mean. So I told her that, yes, you can get a store credit account and then I warned her so she wouldn't ask me about it that I had no idea how it works. And then she gives me this face and says, "But you work here. How do you not know how that works?" And me, being so fed up at this point, and just ready to go home (I had fifteen minutes left and I had stuff to do), I said, "I don't know because I'm just a cashier. I don't get into business that I don't have to deal with." And that is a direct quote. So I get another face from this woman and she says, "You should learn how to set it up," in the most acidic tone of voice. Her groceries, by the way, are sitting at the end of the register...waiting to be packed into her stupid little bike bags. She had already paid for them and now she was just wasting time. Anyway, this lady tells me that I should learn how to set up in-store accounts and I was about ready to lose it. "I would if it was my job to set them up," I said. "But a manager has to do it and I am not a manager, ma'am." I get, yet another, bitchy bitch facial expression and she then proceeds to take forever to pack up her fucking groceries.
What is it with people? I then signed out and organized my register drawer and when I set it in the office and picked up my check, I was told by my manager that the crazy lady told him that I was being rude. So I told him what happened and he was all, "What the hell?" And I was like,"I know right?" And then he was like, "Don't worry about it." 'Cause she's super weird!! She must be one of those people who think they're so smart, so they ask questions they already know the answers to, or questions that they really don't care about the answer to, and then they get mean or bitchy in this case. I'm so used to it by now. And really, I wasn't rude to the crazy lady's face. I was honest. Completely honest. So... Whatever.

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