Monday, January 23, 2012


So unless you're Kayleen or Megan or Lindsay, you probably haven't heard that I've been without internet since Thursday. And unless you're me, you probably don't care. But seriously, being without internet sucks and having no idea what's going on with it sucks more. And remember when I said that the IT people were totally helpful and awesome? I take it back. Now they're just helpful. Sometimes. The point is that I can do stuff now and I'm not a huge stress case. Except I totally am. 
Barfing sucks too. Barfing and having to read poetry. That's really sucky. Basically, I got really sick this weekend and couldn't stop throwing up and then I got a fever and then my whole body ached and then Megan told me that there's this weird flu-virus-thing going around campus and I was like, "Fuckin' awesome." And then I went and threw up some more. In a way, it was kind of a relief that there was a virus going around...because then I wouldn't have to tell Court that the "spectacular" restaurant that we went to for breakfast on Friday morning was the root of all evil. But I still kind of blame it anyway. Their french toast was to die for though. I almost cried. Except not. Oh!!! Court and I went to breakfast on Friday morning, then we went shopping a little bit and then we went to see Beauty and The Beast because Disney rereleased it in 3D. I did cry in there a little bit. I love Beauty and The Beast. So much.
But I was basically sick all night and dying and I just wanted to throw all of my innards up...but you know how vomiting goes... you can never just get it all out in one go. You throw up and then you feel better, and then all of a sudden, you're not better at all, then you panic and throw up some more. And then you repeat the cycle for a good...several hours until it's all out of your system and you pass out from exhaustion. The best part about this weekend though was having one of my managers call me at eight AM on Saturday and say, "Hey Rachel, we overscheduled. Do you want to stay home?" Me, I'm still dying, laying in bed, unable to have had a good night's sleep. This is the most serendipitous thing to have ever happened to me. So I say, "Sure. I'm actually super sick and dying over here so I was planning on calling in anyway." And I stayed in bed all damn day. It was cool.  
And then I went to class and then I went to school. I just remembered that it's Monday today. I don't even know how I forgot that I had class. I totally thought that it was Sunday. Who has problems? 
So this is a boring ass post but whatever, I'm tired and I'm going to bed. 

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