Friday, April 13, 2012


Today...was cool. I was rousted from bed at the ass crack of dawn and then my parents and I drove to Minneapolis!! I got to listen to all the new music I downloaded and I started my new book and reread "The Walking Dead." Cool stuff. We went down to the cities to check out the campus for Minneapolis Community and Technical College, which is where this cinema program is. We drove through Minneapolis first, just checking out the scenery. And there is tons of scenery. The school is practically on Loring Park which is just beautiful and green and lovely. We would have walked through there, but it was raining and windy as hell outside. And we met with an admissions person and she told me that unless I test out of the math requirement for the school, as the credits from my stupid Linguistics class didn't transfer as a math credit at MCTC, I would have to take another general algebra course. If I get accepted. That's another thing. There is a separate admissions bunch of people in the cinema program who will scour my essay and other things and then decide if I am worthy of absorbing their knowledge. Whatever. I'm amazing.
chalkboard at Caribou
someone who worked on Cap. A went to MCTC i guess
newspaper room thing. they have a giant whiteboard.
mini set design for "Dracula"
a high tech door stopper
So now I'm just waiting to hear from them. I hope I get in. This would be such an amazing opportunity and I think I'd be really happy there.

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