Saturday, April 7, 2012

Loneliness and Boredom

For my Irish Lit. class, we have to do a capstone project. Basically, it's selecting any topic that could possibly relate to Irish Literature and doing something creative with it. Here's what though. There is seriously nothing as far as other research out there to help me on this. What  I am finding is only kind of helpful and I have to do a lot of my own dot connecting which can only get me so far. Also our prof. is kind of turning into a whiny bitch as the semester's winding down. He basically threw a tantrum on Thursday. A tantrum to which I would give no fucks.
Thursday night was fun. I got all dressed up and my family took me out for a belated birthday dinner. We went to a new-ish restaurant called Tycoon's and it blew my mind. Firstly, the inside is just badass. I feel like I stepped into some mafia front club/1920s swing joint. Also the music was great--Jazzy stuff that I love to the bottom of my soul and back. And then the server we had was wonderful, mom let me have a sip from her drink (i stole some more "sips" from her glass later), and the food...Oh my god, the food was incredible. Six billion stars to Tycoons.
So Alaina had never seen the entirety of The Lion King until I came over on Thursday night. She said that to me and I almost started crying.  No wonder she had so many weird little questions about death and dying and what happens and why. She never saw The Lion King!! Everything I knew about death I learned from The Lion King. Circle of Life. It moves us all....
So that six times I watched that movie in two days. I'm a nightmare.
Speaking of nightmares, I had to work today. At nine in the morning. Until five. Okay, that's usually what regular people work. They go to their office and type shit. Big deal, it's eight hours. School is generally eight hours long. So why am I complaining? UM. EXCUSE ME. None of those people have to stand for eight hours straight. Sucks to be me. But the store was so busy today! It's because tomorrow is Easter and everyone has to buy a fucking ham. And everyone had a bad attitude today! I made it a priority to be chipper today as it usually makes the time go faster I think. But for once in my life, everyone else had the shitty attitude, not me. It was surreal and obnoxious. So after hour six when this guy basically screamed at me for slightly tilting his deli box to check and see where the barcode sticker was, I just decided to be a humongous bitch for the rest of the time. This guy literally bursts out, "DON'T TIP IT OVER!!" and like lunges to grab it away from m, but it was already on the belt...right side up. And I just look at him like, "fuckin' really, guy? like I was going to tip over your fucking box with food in it. idgit." And he gets this face like, "I shouldn't have done that." and pays for his shit and leaves. I felt victorious. A perfect stranger sensed my violent temper rising and buzzed the fuck off! It was glorious. 
Then this crunchy granola ho-bag tried to bring me over to the dark side. By the dark side, I mean veganism. "Oh yeah, I stopped eating meat after I watched a documentary about how food is prepared and then I stopped eating fish because the fish are being treated inhumanely. And now I'm 100% vegan. I recommend it to everyone. Really. You should try it." DIRECT QUOTE. I kid you not. And I just look at her and say, "I would try it if I didn't like meat, eggs, and fish so much. Your total is $37.85." Vegans.
Ok. I kind of secretly love getting into squabbles with Alaina. Especially when we're in the car with our mother. Usually, everything starts of pretty mellow. Then Alaina starts doing one of three things: A) Acting like a circus freak, B) Acting like a bratty teenager (she only just turned 12, guys) like the ones she watches in completely horrid shows like "Make It Or Break It" (which I will get into later), or C) a complete douche. The other night, she selected the ever popular combination of B and C and it was irritating the shit out of me and Karen wasn't saying anything. So after the small one said something particularly nasty and bratty to me, I haul off and tell her to stop being such a shit. And Alaina scoffs and turns back around and I'm like "yeah, ignore me because you're being called out on how shitty you're being." And my mom goes, "That's enough, Rachel." So I stop. And Alaina mumbles, ever so snidely, "Yeah really, that's enough." And my mom just went off on her for a little while. And that's why I secretly love getting into little fights with my youngest sister. She can't not say something douchey in an effort to be clever and best me, and she gets in trouble because I back off. 
But later on, Karen was like "Must every word out of your mouth be a swear word?" I just ate some ice cubes. Don't care.
I finally finished what's out there of Doctor Who featuring Matt Smith. It was intense. I was so confused and I'm still pretty confused, but I'm over it. I'm coping. The more I think about it, the more I like the Eleventh Doctor. I mean, he's not my favorite, but I'd like to hang out with Eleven. Minus Amy because she's annoying as a howler monkey with tourettes. 

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